Winter Special for November - February flights

Flights to Europe from 39,000 yen*!

Book your flight now, since we offer you a special fare to Europe, Eurovalue Winter Special.

The price starts from 39,000 yen* if your travel commences in November, while if you depart from December through February, it is 39,000 yen* and up from Nagoya or 49,000 yen* or more from Tokyo and Osaka.

  • Flights can be booked until September 30, 2014.
  • On this page, you can book simple round-trip journeys to one destinations only. Please use "Multi-flight segments" in "Flight Booking" for more complex itineraries (open jaws, circle trips etc.).

Special offer only till September 30!

  • Purchase by:  2014.09.30
  • Departure period:  2014.11.01 - 2015.02.28
  • Return period:  2014.11.05 - 2015.03.21
  • * Subject to taxes and fees.
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Basic fare

01.11.14 - 30.11.14


01.12.14 - 28.2.15

from/to Nagoya

from/to Osaka and Tokyo

* Subject to taxes and fees
* Flight Surcharge from/to Haneda
will apply.

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