Changes of baggage regulations on Lufthansa Japan routes

For tickets issued as from October 1, 2013, a new baggage regulation will be applied on Lufthansa’s routes from Japan. The changes are in line with the existing baggage regulations on other Lufthansa routes and also those of our joint-venture partner airlines, in order to offer more simplified services for our passengers.

Free baggage allowance is subject to the regulation of the operationg airline. Please check details on each airine's website.

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Introduction of the fuel surcharge (International / Domestic Surcharge)

Lufthansa continually monitors oil prices and will make any future adjustments to the fuel surcharge (International/Domestic Surcharge) dependent on further trends in the price of jet fuel.

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Introduction of New Passenger Charges at Narita International Airport

Effective from November 16, 2009, Narita International Airport will change the conditions of Passenger Service Facility Charges and implement the Passenger Security Service Charges as follows.

Passenger Service Facility Charges will apply to all international transit passengers who have up to now been exempted.

- International Departures from Narita (no change): Adult JPY2,040 Child JPY1,020
- International Transit at Narita (new): Adult JPY1,020 Child JPY510

Passenger Security Service Charges will newly be introduced.

- International Departure from Narita: Adult and Child JPY500
- International Transit at Narita: Adult and Child JPY500

Effective Date:
November 16, 2009
New charges will be applicable for tickets issued and for travel on/after November 16, 2009.

For more details of Passenger Service Facility Charges and Passenger Security Service Charges, please refer to the Narita International Airport official Web site.


Introduction of ticket service charge

Effective from April 1, 2009, Lufthansa will implement a ticket service charge for ticket transactions carried out at Lufthansa city/airport offices and through call center.

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Passport check procedures at the boarding gates

All passengers are required to present a passport at the boarding gate when flying with Lufthansa from Nagoya and Kansai Airport from July 1, which was already implemented at Narita Airport.

The Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism ministry will require all airlines to check the passports of passengers at the boarding gates of international airports as early as July.

The move is intended to prevent terrorists and smugglers from traveling on international flights and to strengthen security.

Under the current system, passengers of most airlines, except those of U.S. airlines and travelers to the United States, can board a plane through boarding gates only with boarding passes after check-in, security checks and immigration.

Lufthansa staff will crosscheck the names on passports and boarding passes and check passengers' faces against the photos in their passports.

Your understanding and cooperation on this matter will be highly appreciated.

Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism (in Japanese)


New Entry Procedure will start - Immigration Bureau Minitery of Justice Japan

From November 20, 2007, foreign nationals who visit Japan will be required to be fingerprinted and photographed (facial photo) as identification by means of special devices at the airport immigration check.

The new procedures will apply to all foreign nationals upon their entry into Japan, including foreign nationals, who are allowed to re-enter Japan.
The persons eligible for exemption are listed below.

Please note that foreign nationals who are not eligible for exemption from this requirement refuse to submit their fingerprints or photographs, they will be denied entry into Japan and ordered to leave.

[Persons eligible for exemption]

  • 1.Special Permanent residents
  • 2.Persons under the age of 16
  • 3.Persons engaged in activities which fall under the status of residence
  • 4.Persons invited by heads of administrative organs
  • 5.Persons provided for by the Ministry of Justice as equivalent to a person listed in 3. 4.

Seatbelts must be kept fastened on board

For your safety: Lufthansa recommends keeping the seatbelt fastened.

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New safety measures for hand luggage on all departures from or transfers via EU member states

From 6 November 2006, restrictions have been introduced regarding taking liquids into the cabin on all flights originating in or flying via the EU. This includes all German domestic flights.

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