Changes of baggage regulations on Lufthansa Japan routes

For tickets issued as from October 1, 2013, a new baggage regulation will be applied on Lufthansa’s routes from Japan. The changes are in line with the existing baggage regulations on other Lufthansa routes and also those of our joint-venture partner airlines, in order to offer more simplified services for our passengers.


1. Changes of free baggage allowance

Free baggage allowance for Economy Class passengers will be changed from two pieces to one piece (max 23 kg).

The free baggage allowance for First Class passengers (three pieces / each max 32kg) and Business Class passengers (two pieces / each max 32kg) with the maximum size per baggage (158 cm in three dimensions) remain unchanged.

No changes will also occur to other specific products or specific destinations which might have a different free baggage allowance already.


2. Changes of excess baggage charges

For any itinerary from Japan to any other destination a special reduced charge is offered for the first piece exceeding the individual free baggage allowance in Economy Class.

  • Domestic flights within Japan*1   JPY 3,000
  • From Japan to Europe*2   JPY 9,000
  • From Europe to Japan*2   EUR 75

Otherwise, the normal charges per piece (JPY 5,000 for ANA operated flights within Japan and JPY15,000 for flights from Japan to Europe) will apply for itineraries originating in Japan.

Any other free baggage allowances (e.g. increased free baggage allowance for Status Members) or charges (e.g.: oversize baggage etc) remain unchanged.

Lufthansa German Airlines

*1 Flights operated by All Nippon Airways (NH) only
*2 For connections within Europe: only in case the baggage is through-checked to the final destination. For stop-overs in Europe, normal LH charges apply for such connecting sectors
*3 In case of itineraries with stop-over in Japan

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