Fine wines – in Business Class


glass of red wine


The Lufthansa wine programme is award-winning. Together with the ‘Master of Wine’ Markus Del Monego, we're creating a selection of exclusive wines for our Business Class passengers that will change every two months.

Markus Del Monego is always in search of the world’s most precious wine treasures, so that these can be enjoyed by our passengers on board.


Facts and figures about Lufthansa’s wine selection

  • Each year 30-35 invitations are sent out to bid.
  • Suggestions for the bids are received from trade journals, as well as the Internet, trade fairs, wine tastings, in conversations with experts and through recommendations.
  • The criteria when selecting a wine corresponds to the wishes of our passengers and current trends.
  • The selection is not based on the label or name but solely on its quality features. Ten to twelve times a year, a panel of external and internal wine experts including Markus Del Monego carry out blind wine tastings according to an international 20-point system.
  • During the wine tastings, we make sure that the character of the wines is true and that they meet the requirements for being served on board an aircraft.
    • We prefer to select wines with reduced acidity or wines with fewer tannins.
    • We select wines with a little more residual sweetness and a higher alcohol content, as both are weaker in the air.

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