Lufthansa FlyNet® – Internet on board

Limitless freedom above the cloudsInternet access and live TV during your flight — with FlyNet®

How the Internet became airborne Internet service above the clouds — a pioneering technical achievement

Limitless freedom above the clouds

Write e-mails, read Facebook, watch live TV, shop online or take care of business matters — the possibilities during your flight are many and varied.

Discover the new freedom above the clouds with Lufthansa FlyNet®!

How the Internet became airborne

As early as the year 2000, Lufthansa began to work towards the use of the Internet on board aircraft — the first airline to do so. In the process, it succeeded in solving one technical challenge after another…

Lufthansa FlyNet® – a technical tour de force

Facts & Figures

Lufthansa has the world’s largest long-haul fleet that is fitted with Internet access on board. FlyNet® is now available on 91% of aircraft and in all travel classes (First, Business and Economy Class).

Service packages & tariffs

Deutsche Telekom offers you two different tariffs for accessing the Internet on board:

HotSpot Pass Sky 1 hr
: 10.95 euros or 3,500 miles

HotSpot Pass Sky 24 hr: 19.95 euros or 7,000 miles

Payment can be made by all major credit cards, with Miles & More award miles or via a Telekom-affiliated roaming partner.
FlyNet®: costs & billing

FlyNet® completed!

From the technology to the current offer — the FlyNet® brochure offers a clear presentation of the complete FlyNet® service. We hope you enjoy reading it.
FlyNet® completed! brochure (PDF)

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