Limitless freedom above the clouds

Online even at high altitude with Lufthansa FlyNet®: Internet access on board enables you to spend your time during the flight exactly the way you wish. Whether you want to read the latest posts on Facebook, shop online, write e-mails or take care of business matters, the possibilities on board are as varied as the wishes of our passengers.

According to a 2013 online study by ARD/ZDF, on average we spend almost three hours a day surfing the Internet. Being permanently accessible via smartphones, tablets and notebooks shapes our daily life and makes it easier by offering us independence.
Due to this, we really notice times when it is not possible to access the internet.

FlyNet® – Internet access above the clouds

Many of our passengers enjoy the absence of ringing mobile phones on board and find this relaxing and restful. For others, however, this ‘break in transmission’ represents wasted time and so creates additional stress. With FlyNet® Internet access on board long-haul flights, Lufthansa offers passengers the option of deciding individually whether or not they want to be contactable during the flight.

“You’ve got mail!” Writing e-mails, chatting or shopping online is also possible above the clouds.

If you want to use your time on board to write e-mails, shop online or simply browse the Internet, now you have the freedom to do so. Business travellers can also access their company intranet via VPN whilst in the air — a service that is greatly appreciated. In line with the wishes of many of our customers and so that every passenger on board can also satisfy their need for peace and relaxation, Lufthansa uses technology to prevent ‘skyping’ on board (VoIP services).

Surf free of charge in the FlyNet® portal

Once the aircraft reaches cruising altitude, every passenger on board can connect their mobile device — be it an iPad, smartphone or notebook — to the Wi-Fi connection on board, just as they would connect to a public hotspot on the ground. The free Lufthansa FlyNet® portal offers the latest news, current sporting events via the live TV channel Sport 24 and information about Lufthansa and connecting flights.

Tariffs in the Telekom hotspot

Every passenger can enter the unlimited world of the Internet via the Telekom hotspot. With just a few clicks and the decision whether to pay for the service in Miles & More award miles, by credit card, via a Telekom-affiliated roaming partner or through an existing Telekom phone contract, you’re online. E-mail, surf, read the news — now there are no more limits.

Live sport at over 32,000 feet

Kick-off for a new era of in-flight entertainment: Lufthansa is offering the free live TV channel, Sport 24, on an increasing number of long-haul flights. Whether it’s German Bundesliga football, Formula 1 racing or the NFL Super Bowl, from now on you’ll never miss another major sporting event on board Lufthansa flights.

Live channel - Sport 24

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