#eropajanuari twitter activation

Twitpic your 6-days itinerary to win additional USD55 discount for your flight #eropajanuari

Find out Lufthansa special offers this January to 6 top destinations in Europe by twitpic your 6-day itinerary to 6 cities in Europe with #eropajanuari and mention @Lufthansa_ID. Also mention your friends to get additional USD55 for your long-haul flights with Lufthansa promocode for lucky 50 participants. Come and play the game!

How to participate

1. To participate, participant must submit their 6-days itinerary to 6 cities in Europe and their names & email address with #eropajanuari and mention their friends on @Lufthansa_ID twitter account. Each Campaign submission hereunder shall be referred to as an “Entry”.
2. Participants must agree to the Terms and Conditions.
3. Each participant may submit multiple Entries during the Campaign period.
4. By submitting an Entry, each participant represents and warrants that (i) his/her Entry is original and has not been previously published, he/she possesses the exclusive rights to the contents of the Entry submitted hereunder and has the full and unrestricted right to transfer the same to Lufthansa free and clear of any claims or encumbrances, and the Entry does not infringe the intellectual property, privacy, publicity or other rights or interest of any third party or result in any other liability; and (ii) his/her Entry does not contain anything that will be deemed by Lufthansa to be offensive, libelous, defamatory, obscene, indecent, sexually explicit, hateful, harassing or threatening or otherwise illegal, offensive or objectionable. Lufthansa reserves the right to moderate the Entries. Lufthansa also reserves the right to remove and disqualify any Entry in breach of these Terms and Conditions and to report such violations to the authorities if deemed necessary.
5. First 50 wish list entries will be chosen by judges by 26 January 2015. Judges’ decisions are final.
6. Each winning Entry will win 6 promocodes with value discount of USD 55 per promocode.
7. Each promocode will have booking (redeem) validity from 28th January – 2nd February 2015 to travel from 2nd February – 31st May 2015.
8. Promocode valid for Lufthansa long-haul flights and can only be redeemed for one time booking with tickets booking at Lufthansa.com Indonesia homepage (not applicable for tickets booking through travel agents and for award tickets).
9. Lucky participants will be announced on Lufthansa Indonesia twitter account (@Lufthansa_ID) and at Lufthansa website (www.lufthansa.com) by 27 January 2015. All winners will also be notified directly by electronic email to the email address(es) provided to Lufthansa as part of the registration for the Campaign by 27 January 2015.
10. Each participant agrees that Lufthansa shall be at liberty but shall have no obligation, to publish, display, promote, copy, reproduce, transmit, edit, prepare derivative works of, modify, and otherwise distribute or make use of the Entry (or any part thereof): (i) in connection with the Campaign and/or Lufthansa products; (ii) for the promotion and publicity of the Campaign and/or Lufthansa products; (iii) in any manner, format or media, whether now known or hereinafter created, including without limitation on online platforms such as Facebook and Youtube, in any part of the world; (iv) at Lufthansa’s sole direction; and (v) royalty-free and without any obligation of attribution or consent. Each participant agrees to take part in any and all marketing, promotional, publicity exercises with respect to the Campaign; and grants to Lufthansa all consents and waivers necessary hereunder.
11. As a condition of the Campaign, where required by Lufthansa, the winner shall enter into a separate agreement in writing setting out all other applicable terms and conditions, including any confidentiality obligations and intellectual property ownership rights.
12. Each participant acknowledges and agrees that his/her Entry may be made available by Lufthansa for viewing and commenting on by the public, and that comments or ratings that he/she disagrees with or is unhappy about may be published or otherwise become associated with Entry. By submitting Entry to Lufthansa, each participant waives any privacy expectations that he/she may have with respect to the contents of his/her Entry.
13. This Promotion is in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with Twitter.

Click here for #eropajanuari Terms & Conditions.

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