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A wanderer between many worlds

As our Star Chef in September and October, we were able to persuade Armin Leitgeb to devise creative menus for our First and Business Class passengers on long-haul flights from Germany.


Star Chef The culinary world came within a hair’s breadth of missing out on this talented creative, for Armin Leitgeb, who was born in Tyrol in 1976, initially got a taste of the technical world of mechanical engineering, but then realised that this was not ‘his world’. In contrast, his aunt’s kitchen in Seefeld spoke to all his culinary senses. This was the crucial moment for him. His spontaneous enthusiasm for cooking was awakened and his choice of career determined. His commitment and skill were rewarded, for as soon as he finished his apprenticeship he only worked in the best kitchens run by the ‘premier league’ of top chefs, all of whom had been awarded Michelin stars.

To expand his horizons and his experience, he then worked as a chef in the USA and later in Asia. As was to be expected, he was highly successful there too.


desertOur guests on board will enjoy the way Armin Leitgeb crosses culinary boundaries, because his dishes are just as international as our passengers.

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