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Patrik Kimpel is the Lufthansa Star Chef in March and April 2012.


This creative, Michelin-starred chef is one of the greats among top chefs. As part of the famous Rheingau Gourmet & Wine Festival, he regularly cooks with the world’s best-known chefs and delights his guests anew time and again. Born in the German city of Kaub in 1967, Patrik Kimpel was inspired and influenced as a child by his mother’s traditional, yet sophisticated style of cooking. He enjoyed his training with the German top chefs Lothar Eiermann, Hans Peter Wodarz and the legendary Harald Wohlfahrt. In 1993, he took over as head chef of the lovingly restored Kronenschlösschen Country Hotel and Restaurant in Eltville-Hattenheim in the Rheingau.

Surrounded by idyllic vineyards, you will be treated to dishes whose ingredients come exclusively from this region — an essential criterion for Kimpel. The same applies to the restaurant’s outstanding wines.


desertIn March and April, our First and Business Class passengers on long-haul flights from Germany will be able to enjoy the sheer variety of Kimpel’s prowess and the exceptional quality of his creations.

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