Lufthansa Airport shuttles

Distinctive and convenient - the Lufthansa Airport Shuttles

Enjoy our usual standard of service on the routes from Heidelberg to Frankfurt Airport, from Munich city centre to Munich Airport and from Bahrain to Dammam in Saudi Arabia. The shuttles are operated by our local cooperation partners.

The Lufthansa airport shuttles on the Heidelberg to Frankfurt Airport and Munich city centre to Munich Airport routes are available to all passengers regardless of destination or airline. The shuttle service from Bahrain to Dammam can only be used in combination with a flight booking from Frankfurt to Bahrain and/or from Bahrain to Frankfurt.


General information about the airport shuttles



There is no check-in available for the airport shuttles. You can check in online for your onward flight from Frankfurt or Munich from 23 hours before departure or upon arrival at the airport at the check-in machines. Please drop off your baggage at the baggage check-in counter.

Reservations and tickets
For reservations, tickets and further information about the airport shuttles please directly contact the bus companies listed under the routes below.


The shuttle routes at a glance


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