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This July and August our First Class passengers who board their flight in Germany will be able to find out what the creations of one Claus-Peter Lumpp taste like.


The culinary style of top chef Claus-Peter Lumpp, holder of three Michelin stars, is so unique that not even he can describe it. His priority is to spoil our First Class passengers on board with fine food in just the same way as he does the guests at his Bareiss Restaurant in the Black Forest. And they are never disappointed because he does this with great dedication.

Wonderful meals are also part of the joy of living for this three-star chef. The recipes for our passengers have been carefully and completely adapted to the special conditions found in our aircraft at altitude — without the richness of the aromas and the excellent quality of his dishes suffering.

Claus-Peter Lumpp was assisted in the creation of his First Class flight menus by the promising and talented chef Christina Merz, who works as a junior sous chef in the Lufthansa Training & Conference Centre in Seeheim. For this, Christina travelled to the Bareiss in Baiersbronn, where she was able to watch Claus-Peter and his team of chefs at work.


A recipe from our current top chef, Claus-Peter Lumpp


In July and August, First Class passengers flying from Germany will experience the unique menus of chef Claus-Peter Lumpp, holder of 3 Michelin stars. This top chef never disappoints his guests and is therefore one of the greatest chefs in the gourmet world.

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