Nonstop flights from Milan to major cities of Europe


Flights from Milan to selected destinations in Europe from 99€*

You can fly nonstop with Lufthansa from Milan to the major cities of Europe. Lufthansa extended its network with seven destinations in Europe from Milan Malpensa as well as italian destinations, Bari, Naples and Rome.

Lufthansa Italia offers direct flights from Milan to Barcelona, Budapest, Bucharest, Lisbon, London and Madrid.

And all in Lufthansa quality, including outbound and return flight, taxes and charges, as well as valuable miles.


Map of the destinations reachable out of MilanFly from Milan to Europe's most attractive cities at great prices

Our map shows you the European destinations you can fly to straight from Milan.


Information on the schedule of the flights from Milan

Enjoy the comfort of the direct flights from Milan. Our flight times are ideal for business and private trips.

Schedule of the flights from and to Milan


    * The fare is valid on direct flights (outbound and return flight) incl. Lufthansa Ticket Service Charge when booking an electronic ticket (etix®) at Subject to alterations. Please note the limited availability.

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