Boeing 747-400 First Class


Welcome on board

Since May 2011 the Lufthansa Boeing 747-400 will welcome you with new First Class seats and twice as much room for each passenger. Eight comfortable, generously sized seats and separate beds will make it easy for you to arrive at your destination feeling relaxed and rested.



Lufthansa is gradually equipping the Boeing 747-400s with new First Class seats and separate, fixed beds. In May 2011 the seating capacity in First Class on all the remaining Lufthansa Boeing 747-400s is being reduced from 16 seats to eight. This means that passengers in the existing on-board configuration will each have two seats at their disposal, so they can choose between a window and aisle seat and enjoy greater exclusivity along with twice as much space.



The new First Class seat on board the Lufthansa B747-400 will impress you with its ergonomic shape, the way it adjusts easily to your preferred seating position and a height-adjustable headrest. The high-quality cover that is kind to your skin ensures the seat remains comfortable even on long flights.



On board the Lufthansa B747-400, as well as your comfortable First Class seat, there is a separate bed over two metres long available to you. This comes with a top-quality mattress, a temperature-regulating duvet and a pillow. A fixed screen at the head of the bed provides the privacy you need to sleep.

Thanks to the soundproof curtains which effectively screen First Class from the background noise within the aircraft, you can enjoy a good night’s sleep in peace and quiet. Sound insulation under the carpet also reduces the sound of footsteps within the First Class cabin itself.



You can, of course, also put together your very own programme of entertainment from Lufthansa Media World on board the Lufthansa B747-400. Your personal 17 inch screen and noise-cancelling headset ensure an entertainment experience second to none.



Thanks to the large, swivel-mounted table and laptop power connection at each seat, you can also work undisturbed above the clouds or prepare for your next meeting. These Boeing aircraft are also being gradually fitted out with FlyNet®, our on-board Internet service.

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