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Stockholm - Cool Scandinavia: Stockholm’s trendy SoFo district

It’s not just the name that recalls New York’s SoHo: SoFo, south of the major thoroughfare Folkungagatan (hence the name), is where Stockholm’s in crowd gets together. Alongside hip bars, cafés and restaurants, the SoFo district also boasts creative shops that sell everything from antiques, designer articles, art and music to fashion. SoFo is considered the hottest spot in Scandinavia.


Cafe String


Back to the future: Retro is the watchword in some SoFo stores. At Cafe String (photo), for example, you can not only order hot beverages, but also buy items from the 1950s decor. Rockabilly is the theme at the Louie Louie, a café, record store and live music club all rolled into one. Vintage fashions from the last century are the specialty of the famous second-hand store Lisa Larsson, and the London boutique Beyond Retro also runs an outlet in SoFo.

Cafe String: Nytorgsgatan 38, Tel.: +46-8/714 85 14, . Louie Louie: Bondegatan 13, Tel.: +46-8/640 02 71, Lisa Larsson: Bondegatan 48, Tel.: +46-8/643 61 53, . Beyond Retro: Åsögatan 114, Tel.: +46-8/55 91 36 45,




GrandpaBoutique? Café? Live music club? Many places in creative SoFo resist all attempts at such pigeonholing, evidently preferring to steer clear of narrow concepts. The Urban Deli restaurant, for instance, also doubles as a genuine gourmet marketplace, selling baked goods, cheese and other delicacies, while Grandpa (photo) mainly sells trendy accessories, jewelry, shoes and clothes, but also offers a stage to live musicians. And at lifestyle boutique Silvetto customers can even get a haircut.

Urban Deli: Nytorget 4, Tel.: +46-8/59 90 91 80, . Grandpa: Södermannagatan 21, Tel.: +46-8-643 60 80. . Malmgårdsvägen 16-18, Tel.: +46-8/643 39 72.


Züla Kök & Bar


Züla Kök & BarSoFo is not without its more classic venues, however. The stylish bar/restaurant Züla (photo) is the perfect place for a romantic dinner. On the menu: meat and fish from the lava grill as well as tasty fajitas. Beneath the lofty ceilings of the almost legendary, more-than-a-century-old Kvarnen, diners can sup on Swedish specialties (reindeer stew!), enjoy a drink in one of the bars or party in the one that morphs into a disco later in the evening. Regulars here include the – admittedly: fictitious – Lisbeth Salander from Stieg Larsson’s Millennium Trilogy.

Kök & Bar Züla: Södermannagatan 27, Tel.: +46-8/643 60 04. . Kvarnen: Tjärhovsgatan 4, Tel. +46-8/643 03 80.


Fotos: Kreuels/laif, mauritius images, M. Sjöberg/, PR


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