Airport hotels at Rio de Janeiro Airport (GIG)


Airport hotels


Airport hotels

There are a number of hotels at Rio de Janeiro-Galeão airport. There is a 24-hour hotel reservation desk in Terminal 1 on Level 3.
The 4-star Luxor Hotel is located on Level 3 in Terminal 1 of Rio de Janeiro-Galeão Airport. The hotel has a conference room and a restaurant.3º andar / Setor B Aeroporto Internacional do Rio de Janeiro Rio de Janeiro Brazil Tel: (21) 2468 8998 or 0800 282 2070. Web:
The 3-star Hotel Pousada Galeao is situated on Level 1 in Terminal 1 of Rio de Janeiro-Galeão (Antonio Carlos Jobim International Airport).1º Floor Red Sector Arrivals Rio de Janeiro Internacional Airport Rio de Janeiro Brazil Tel: (21) 3398 3852. Web:

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