Conditions of participation


1. Login

Only people who are permitted to conclude a legally binding contract are entitled to take part. By logging in and agreeing to the regulations for our auction, you are confirming that you area at least 18 years old.
Lufthansa employees and their relatives are excluded from participation in the Lufthansa auction.
You must have a profile in order to participate in the Lufthansa auction. You can set one up free of charge on the web site by going to Login>New Registration. If you are already a member of the Miles&More frequent flyer programme, you can also log in using your Miles&More membership number and PIN code.

Any user data supplied for the previous auction are no longer valid.


2. Auction procedure

When you have logged in using your profile or Miles&More membership number and PIN, you will see a summary of individual auctions.
To bid in an individual auction, please click on your chosen auction. You may only bid in an auction via the specified bidding stages offered in each auction, and only in full Euro amounts. Enter your chosen amount and confirm your bid. When your bid has been successfully issued, you will receive confirmation on the next screen. Your personal bid summary gives you an overview of the auctions you have participated in and the current status of the auction. Bids can be made at any time during the auction period. The participant who makes the highest online auction bid within the bidding period will have their bid accepted. Bids received are immediately displayed in the auction room. Bids are taken in the order of their arrival on the Lufthansa server (electronic time stamp). Once issued, bids are binding, and may not be withdrawn.
Bids may only be issued via the Internet in the auction room provided. Bids by telephone, email or other transmission methods cannot be accepted, even in the case of technical problems.

Bids can normally be issued up to the end of the auction as stated in the auction room. (Lufthansa reserves the right to close the auction room without giving a reason.)
For example, if an auction ends at 20:00, all bids arriving on the Lufthansa server up to and including 20:00:00 will be accepted.

At the end of the auction, the winner of the auction will receive confirmation of the auction prize in an email from the Lufthansa auction team. The winner of the auction will receive a call from the Lufthansa auction team within 24 hours to book the auctioned flight. Within 24 hours, the winner of the auction must then give their chosen binding travel dates and the names of the persons travelling. The booking will be made and tickets issued immediately. It will not be possible to make a name change after the flight tickets have been issued.

It is not possible to cancel the tickets acquired through an auction, and they have no monetary value.


3. Auction conditions

Lufthansa reserves the right to set minimum bids and withdraw any auction offering at any point if technical difficulties arise.

Lufthansa shall not be held responsible if bids cannot be processed and accepted due to technical problems.

Lufthansa reserves the right to refuse or exclude a participant or bid where it is not possible to verify or authenticate the information supplied by the participant;
should the actions of the participant be against the terms & conditions or there is any other form of misuse.

The flights offered are subject to Lufthansa general conditions of carriage. You can find the Lufthansa general conditions of carriage here.

Access to the auction room is restricted.

The winner of the auction does not have to be one of the persons travelling.


4. Price and conditions of payment

The final auction price is the highest accepted bid at the end of the auction. This covers the flight for the number of passengers stated in the auction and all taxes and charges that apply. There will be no child reduction for children (2-11 years). Infants under 2 years may travel along too free of charge, and are not included in the stated number of passengers. Furthermore, there is no seat allocation for infants. The final auction amount is due by the time the tickets are issued. Payment may only be made by credit card or electronic direct debit. An account at a German bank will be required for this.

Please note that it is not permitted to make a bid under a false name, even if Lufthansa initially accepts such a bid.


5. General

Stopovers, route changes or changes to flight destinations are not permitted.

Tickets issued are non-transferable. Please note the amendment and cancellation conditions for each auction.

Individual flight ticket coupons must be used in the stated order. The ticket or electronic ticket will lose its validity if the first coupon is not used and the coupons are not used in the stated order.

Booking changes for auctioned flights are only possible on payment of a charge of €50.00 per ticket. The class of travel originally booked (V or Z) must also be available.

Miles & More miles may be accrued from flights auctioned in the Lufthansa online auction. The basis for calculation is booking class V for Economy and Z for Business Class.

Travellers are responsible for adhering to all entry, passport and visa requirements during the journey.
Before departure, travellers are obliged to produce the entry and exit papers, health certificates and other documents required by the countries in question and to send us copies of such documents. We reserve the right to refuse carriage to travellers if they do not fulfil the stipulated requirements or if their documents are incomplete, and we are not liable for loss or expenditure incurred by the travellers because they do not fulfil such requirements.
If Lufthansa is required to pay or deposit fines or charges or incur any other expense because the traveller has not fulfilled the requirements in force relating to entry into or passage through the country in question, or because the documents required by these regulations are not available the traveller is obliged, at the request of Lufthansa, to reimburse the paid or deposited amounts and expenditure incurred. Lufthansa is entitled to use any unused flight tickets or funds in the possession of the traveller to cover such expenditure Fine and penalty levels vary between countries, and can be well above the ticket price. It is therefore in the interest of the traveller to ensure that they adhere to entry requirements.

Please note that there is no child reduction for children between the ages of 2 and 11 years. Infants under 2 years may travel along too free of charge, but they have no seat allocation.

Any of your data recorded by us will be handled in strict confidence in accordance with the regulations in force and protected from misuse.

Lufthansa may not be held responsible for any electronic or mechanical failures. Furthermore, Lufthansa may not be held responsible for the loss of data caused by system errors or Internet problems.