Rail&Fly – Online booking


It is now possible to book a Rail&Fly ticket online as part of your flight booking on LH.com.

Our step-by-step guide to booking Rail&Fly; it makes buying a ticket child’s play:

  • Tick the check box on the DB banner at the end of your flight booking to open the Rail&Fly detail window.
  • In this window select your travel class, specify your choice of train routes (outbound/return journey) and enter your means of identification.
  • The number of passengers as well as the arrival and departure airports for your journey will be transferred automatically from your flight booking.
  • After you have made your selection, the purchase price for all the services you have bought (flight, train, travel insurance, etc) is displayed.
  • Following this page the confirmation screen is displayed; it shows the services you have bought marked in green. You will also find the link to print out your train ticket on this confirmation screen.
  • In addition, you will receive a separate confirmation e-mail with another download link for the train ticket.
  • Please print out your train ticket and take this ticket with you onto the train, along with the means of identification you used during the online booking.
  • Please note that for online Rail&Fly tickets all passengers must travel on the same train. – Only one ticket is issued for all passengers.
  • You can pay for your Rail&Fly ticket either by credit card or electronic direct debiting (ELV). You cannot use PayPal in connection with Rail&Fly.
  • Due to technical reasons the Rail&Fly charges are issued in EURO, point of issuance is Germany. Details are found on your Passenger Receipt, an additional invoice can not be issued.