Special baggage rules for travel to/from or across the USA


Under a consumer protection law issued by the US Department of
Transportation, the following baggage rules apply to flights to/from or
across the USA:

  • Consistent baggage rules must be observed for all parts of a journey to/from or across the USA (e.g. free baggage allowance, dimensions/weight of each bag, carry-on baggage).
  • The baggage rules set by the airline which is listed first on the ticket are those that usually apply here. If Lufthansa is listed on the first flight segment of your ticket, then Lufthansa’s baggage regulations will apply to your entire journey (outbound and return flight). Rules on carry-on baggage may vary (local laws).
  • Exception: any airline which is listed as the first carrier on the ticket is at liberty to transfer the baggage rule stipulation to another airline in the itinerary (the ‘Most Significant Carrier’).
  • Lufthansa therefore cannot guarantee that, for a Lufthansa-issued ticket, the Lufthansa baggage rules will always apply. (Airlines often have differing baggage rules).

Details of the free baggage allowance applying to your individual
flight will be shown on your ticket and in the e-mail confirmation which
you receive from Lufthansa.