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You can book complex itineraries or open jaw flights. Please enter all segments in chronological order. In addition the route has to be operated by Lufthansa, Star Alliance or a Lufthansa Partner.

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Please choose your country of residence first.

Flight 1

Please enter the departure city in the field "Flight 1 From". Incase you are aware of the 3-Letter-Code, you may use it. If you are unconfident of the spelling, you may use the Airport-Atlas by clicking on the link. Please enter the arrival city of your first flight into the filed "To". If you are unconfident of the spelling, you may use the Airports link.


You may enter the desired date of your flight into the specified fields or use the calendar.


You have the opportunity to enter a preferred time for your flights.


Please choose the number of passengers you want to book for this flight(s). One or more children have to be accompanied by at least one adult. In case you wish to book a flight for an unaccompanied minor please contact our reservation office. Each infant has to be accompanied by at least one adult. If one adult is travelling with 2 or more infants then the second ans further infants can be booked as a child. Passengers younger than 2 years are considered as infants, passengers between 2 and 11 years are considered as child and passengers equal or older than 12 years are consideres as adult.
Please note, that the age limits are determined by the date of your return flight.

Who flies?


Please enter the number of people for whom you would like to book the flight.

Children are deemed to be passengers aged between two and eleven years. Passengers aged 12 or over are deemed to be adults.

Bookings for children travelling alone cannot be made online at You can book for them via the Lufthansa Call Centre (+49 (0)69 86 799 799) or at a travel agents.

Every infant must be accompanied by at least one adult. If an adult wishes to travel with two infants, the second infant can be booked as a child.

Please note that the date of your return flight is the determining date for age limits.

If you would like a bassinet on board, please contact our Lufthansa Call Centre Center (+49 (0)69 86 799 799).

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