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Check our North America destinations: many cultural attractions and shopping, exciting nightlife, beautiful beaches, mountains and beautiful scenery.

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* All incl. fares and internat./domestic surcharge, round trip from Switzerland
** Mauritius, Male available from 12/2015 till 04/2016
*** Cancun available form 12/2015, advance purchase 90 days
**** Nairobi available from 10/2015, Tampa from 09/2015

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  • Advance Purchase Period: 14 days
  • Travel period 17.03.2016-23.03.2016; 02.05.2016-30.06.2016; 24.10.2016-13.11.2016
  • Minimum stay 6 days or 1 Sunday
  • Maximum stay 12 month
  • Non refundable
  • Rebooking against fee 210CHF

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