Lufthansa FlyNet®: limitless communication on long-haul flights


Internet access on long-haul flights – man uses Lufthansa FlyNet


Online on board

Have a quick chat with your Facebook friends, answer important emails or text your exact arrival time to your family. With Lufthansa FlyNet® your communication options are simply limitless – above the clouds on the Lufthansa long-haul fleet*.

With FlyNet® we offer you two different services: Internet access via WLAN or mobile telephony via GSM –making it the most useful for your personal purposes and your electronic equipment.


Benefits at a glance

Whether you want to surf for fun or would prefer to spend your time on board working, Lufthansa FlyNet® creates the ideal conditions for you:

  • Fast and secure surfing
  • Get the latest news via the free FlyNet® portal
  • Never miss a major sporting event with the free live TV channel Sport24
  • Send emails with large file attachments without time delay
  • Access your company’s Virtual Private Network (VPN)
  • Send SMS/MMS messages or data synchronise with smartphones by GSM/GPRS mobile technology

As the service provider, Deutsche Telekom provides the HotSpot that gives you access to the billable Internet service.

In the free Lufthansa FlyNet® portal, as well as the latest news about business, politics, sport and society, you will find weather forecasts and have the option of finding out information about your connecting flights.

Whether you’re a fan of Bundesliga football, tennis Grand Slams or Formula 1, you can watch top sports events on live TV with the premium channel Sport24.


It’s so easy to go online on board


Icon HotspotThe HotSpot symbol in the aircraft cabin shows you even before take-off that the FlyNet® service is installed on your flight. As soon as your aircraft has reached cruising altitude and you have switched on the Wi-Fi function on your WLAN-enabled device, the free Lufthansa FlyNet® portal opens up and you can log into the FlyNet® HotSpot.

Go online with FlyNet® in 5 steps – how it works


Icon GSMWith FlyNet® it is also possible to connect via GSM/GPRS mobile technology. This enables you to send and receive SMS and MMS messages or to transfer data with smartphones at cruising altitude. The only requirement is that your service provider has a roaming agreement with AeroMobile.

With your mobile on the web in 4 steps – how it works


The option of making mobile phone calls has been disabled in response to the wishes of a majority of our customers. Likewise, Internet telephony (VOIP) is not permitted.


Costs and billing

Deutsche Telekom offers you three individual tariffs for using the Internet service. Payment is possible by all major credit cards. It is also possible to pay using PayPal. Miles & More members can also redeem award miles to settle their bill.

  • 1 hour: 9.00 euros or 3,500 miles
  • 4 hours: 14.00 euros or 4,500 miles
  • Full flight (up to 24 hours): 17.00 euros or 5,500 miles

The full flight tariff (up to 24 hours) can be used in any Lufthansa aircraft fitted with FlyNet® while it remains valid. Please be aware that all tariffs are based on the so-called ‘parking meter principle’. This means that your HotSpot pass Sky has a fixed duration which starts when you first log on and which cannot be extended by intermittently logging off the Internet.

Alternatively, if you are a customer of Deutsche Telekom or one of its affiliated roaming partners, you can also log on easily and conveniently with your access data, which you will need to request before the start of your journey. Your FlyNet® Internet use will then be charged in line with your service provider’s tariff. Please bear in mind that use on board the aircraft is billed as ‘international roaming’ and is therefore not necessarily included in the flat rate.


* With the sole exception of flights over China: the system switches off automatically when the aircraft enters Chinese airspace and switches on again after leaving it.

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