First Class top chefs on routes from Germany



Exceptional culinary prowess

In November and December Thomas Bühner will be spoiling our First Class passengers on flights from Germany.

The Michelin-starred chef spent his years as an apprentice and junior chef working for numerous award-winning chefs in a variety of establishments . The famous head chefs working in these restaurants have contributed significantly to perfecting Bühner’s creations and to turning him into the highly acclaimed chef that he is widely acknowledged to be today.


In Osnabrück the three-Michelin-starred chef has reached what is, for the time being, the last stage of his professional career. Here, in ‘Haus Tenge’, he thrills his guests by delivering culinary perfection. In the elegant surroundings of his award-winning restaurant ‘La Vie’, Bühner and his team of chefs serve dishes of the very highest quality with a touch of magic. The warm and friendly service also helps guests to feel at home in the restaurant and so it is little wonder that customers come back time and time again.

And on board, too, our First Class passengers will feel at ease with Thomas Bühner’s menu creations (which have been specially adapted for flight conditions) and will be able to enjoy them in peace and quiet.


Recipe from the current top chef, Thomas Bühner


In November and December First Class passengers on flights from Germany will be able to experience the unique menus of star chef Thomas Bühner, who understands how to create cuisine of exceptional quality.

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