Lufthansa flight reservation with price guarantee



Choose your flight now and reserve it for 48 hours

From now on you can reserve the flight you want with a price guarantee - and pay for it 48 hours later.

It works like this: simply choose your ideal connection and secure this flight with price guarantee via the option ‘Pay later’. To reserve the flight you simply need to enter your credit card number. Under ‘My bookings’ you can now purchase your reserved flight at the guaranteed price within 48 hours - without paying extra charges.

If you decide not to take the flight you have chosen, you will be charged a reservation fee. This will only be charged once, even if the reservation was for several passengers.

With Lufthansa flight reservation we want to offer you greater flexibility in planning your journey. If you are flying with others, for example, you will now have more time to make arrangements with your travelling companions and still secure great-value offers.

This service is available in over 50 countries worldwide.


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