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Discover Europe from Frankfurt - from EUR 99*
With this offer you can reach selected Lufthansa destinations within Europe, from EUR 99*. Fly in Lufthansa quality, including outbound and return flight, taxes and charges, as well as valuable miles.

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Conditions for this offer

  • Minimum stay direct flights: 1 day
  • Minimum stay direct flights: 3 days or Friday to Saturday resp. Saturday to Sunday to Europe
  • Minimum stay connecting flights: Saturday to Sunday
  • Maximum stay: 3 months
  • Rebooking and Refund not allowed
  • Advance Purchase Period connecting flights: 10 days

The prices shown are intended to help you choose your most appropriate journeys. The total price is subject to availability and your actual routing. Seats may not be available on all flights. Prices are subject to alterations depending on the selected payment option.

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