Here you will find further information on free baggage allowance from 1 June 2011.


Free baggage allowance for children

  • Children aged two years and over are entitled to the same free baggage allowance as adults.
  • The free baggage allowance for children under two years of age is one piece of baggage weighing up to 23 kg and one folding pushchair.
  • Child safety seats can be carried free of charge provided that the model is approved and the child is travelling on a child’s fare and in a booked seat.
    For child seats that are not approved the usual free baggage allowance and excess baggage charges apply.
  • A seat must be booked for any child who will turn two years old during the journey. Please note that the date of the return flight is the determining factor for the age limit.

Transportation of pushchairs, wheelchairs or walking aids

At most stations you can keep your pushchair, baby buggy, wheelchair or other walking aid that you depend on until you board the aircraft.

A foldable pushchair or baby basket we transport free of charge. A pram will be transported in the cargo hold.

Disabled passengers can check in two wheelchairs or other mobility aids in addition to their free baggage allowance. For more information, please see our Advice on barrier-free travel.

The pram or wheelchair will be given to you, wherever possible, after disembarking the aircraft. Please beware that the place where the items are returned can vary depending on the location at your destination.


Foods of animal origin for personal consumption

When entering the European Union, please note the regulations on importing products of animal origin for personal consumption, such as for example, meat and milk and products made from them.

EU Regulation as PDF


Free baggage allowance rules for tickets issued before 1 June 2011

Please note that for tickets issued before 1 June 2011, the old rules and charges for Lufthansa-operated flights still apply.

Free baggage allowance for tickets issued before 1 June 2011

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