Flying with children – ensuring a relaxed start to your family holiday

Even before the holidays begin, you can make a number of travel preparations which will enable you and your entire family to enjoy a relaxed start to your trip. With the help of our clearly laid-out checklist (PDF), you will become the perfect holiday manager!


Important information about flying with children

  • When booking your flight please specify the age of your child or children as the relevant fare will be based on this. Lufthansa makes the distinction between two types of children’s fares:
    • Infant fare: babies up to two years of age not taking up a seat travel free of charge on domestic German routes or for 10% of the regular fare on all other routes.
    • Child fare: children aged between two and 11 years (up to their 12th birthday) require their own seat and can travel on the majority of routes and on almost all fares for 75% of the regular price of the flight. Please note that children who turn two during the trip will require their own seat and will be charged on a child fare. You will find further information and useful tips on the pages Flying with baby or Flying with small children.
  • As a result of an EU directive, your children will need their own travel documents with a photo. Unfortunately, entries on your passport as the parent are therefore invalid – irrespective of the age of the children. If your children do not yet have their own child passports, passports or ID cards, we recommend that you apply for these as early as possible before your holiday.

Sitting together – reserving seats for the family

On a long-haul flight it is especially important that the whole family sits together and that the children can sit in their favourite seats, e.g., by the window or close to the toilets.

Ideally, therefore, you should reserve your seats at the same time as you book your flight. Economy Class passengers can reserve seats on all flights operated by Lufthansa and Lufthansa Regional for a fee, depending on their chosen fare/booking class.

Seat reservation prices and terms and conditions

If you haven’t reserved any seats in advance, we recommend that you use online or mobile check-in from 23 hours before departure and choose the seats you want at no additional cost – however, unfortunately in this case there is no guarantee that you will be able to get the seats you want. You can reserve seats on or directly at the airport.


Checking in quickly and easily with the whole family

You can secure the airline seats you want whilst you are still at home by checking in conveniently online or via your mobile phone from 23 hours before departure. You can then issue your boarding pass yourself, even if your children are flying with you! This will save you valuable time at the airport and you can get the seats you want — close to the washrooms or a window seat. Simply check in your luggage at the designated baggage drop-off counters at the airport or, to avoid waiting, at the Lufthansa self-service baggage kiosks in Frankfurt, Munich or Hamburg airports. You can read more about this under ‘Online check-in & Baggage check-in with the whole family’.

To online check-in


Taking the pushchair or pram right up to the aircraft

When you fly with Lufthansa you may take your child’s pram or pushchair right up to the aircraft. Shortly before boarding one of our staff will take it from you and return it at the aircraft after landing. Families board first with Lufthansa so you can take your seats on board comfortably and calmly without having to cope with the usual jostle of people. Another aid to ensuring a stress-free take-off on your holiday!


Tips for taking child restraint systems on board with you

To increase the passive safety of children under 7 years old, you can take a child restraint system – such as a child’s car seat or baby seat – on board with you. We have put together some useful information about this for you.

Safety for small children on board

Child restraint system table (PDF)


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