How Cookies work

A so-called "Browser-Cookie" is a little file which a web server (e.g. the web server of sends to your browser when you visit a website.

Depending on how your browser is set the cookie will either be saved or rejected. If the file is saved our web server will be able to recognize your computer. When visiting the website again or when switching between functions where you need to enter a password the cookie can save you additional entries. Cookie simplify visits to sites that require the entry of user data.

In any case you will have to login to every time you visit the site. You can only book a flight after you have entered your password.


Lufthansa Cookies: No risk

Cookies in general are no danger to your computer as they are only text file and not programs.

Some companies using this technology collect the information regarding consumer behaviour generated with the cookies for market research and advertising purposes. The cookies of the Lufthansa website ( are only intended to make surfing more comfortable.


Recommended Cookie settings

You can either set your browser to receive our cookies or use our website without the cookie function. In this case all text entries in forms will not be saved for further enquiries. You will have to re-enter this information every time you visit our site.

Your browser might show a warning message if it receives a cookie. With every query of a new Lufthansa page the identification cookie needs to be sent, so the warning message can be disturbing. We recommend setting your browser to accept cookies from These settings can be individualized for every website.

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