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dish of Star Chef Bernard Bach


Bach without a score

Bernard Bach’s Michelin-starred restaurant is located in the little village of Pujaudran, not far from the Airbus plant in Toulouse. This closeness to Toulouse is a source of great inspiration to him. His culinary skills are sufficiently well-known for his customers to be prepared to travel even longer distances in order to enjoy his delicious creations.


Bernard Bach was born in 1961. He learnt his craft with renowned French chefs and in 1995 moved to Porto-Vecchio on Corsica, where he was awarded a Michelin star for his culinary expertise in 1997. In 1999, he returned home with his wife Anne to Pujaudran and took over the Le Puits Saint Jacques restaurant. He not only retained the star held by his predecessor at the restaurant, but even received a second Michelin star for his culinary skills in 2008.

We could not have chosen anyone more appropriate than Bernard Bach to create our in-flight menus, for Bach and our A380 not only hail from the same region, they also share the same goals — further, higher, better.

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