Requirements for online check-in

You will need an electronic ticket. Identification for online check-in is provided by the number of the Miles & More card, another Star Alliance customer card, the credit card or the German EC card under which the electronic ticket has been stored. Alternatively, you can also enter the booking code, together with your first and last names.

Please note that Online Check-in for infants under two years of age is not possible at SAS.


Now check in online and choose your own seat

Online check-inWith the aid of the interactive seat map, you can select seats for all the passengers in your party and for every leg of your journey in one single check-in procedure. To do so, in the seat map overview simply select the relevant passenger and the relevant route for which you want to reserve a seat. Click directly on the seat you want in the seat map (available seats are shown in green). Then select the next passenger and/or the next route for which you want a seat. Once you have selected seats for all the passengers and all the routes, click on "continue" to receive your check-in confirmation and boarding pass.

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