Liquids in hand luggage



On flights within the EU and on connecting flights from the EU (as well as German domestic flights), the following regulations apply to liquids in hand luggage:

  • Containers with liquids and gel-like products may contain up to 100 millilitres (the printed maximum quantity applies)
  • All containers must be carried in a plastic bag (transparent, resealable, max. capacity 1 litre). One bag per person
  • The bag must be presented separately at the security check
  • Duty-free items must be presented in a sealed, certified bag
  • Medicines and special food (e.g. baby food) which are needed during a flight may be transported outside the plastic zip-lock bag and must also be presented at security.

Articles and plastic bags that do not meet these stipulations cannot be taken on board. Similar regulations for liquids apply to flights to and connections in the USA.


Transporting liquid duty-free goods


Liquid duty-free goods, which have been bought at an international airport or on board an aircraft outside the EU, may be carried through an EU airport if you are changing flights.

Requirement: the goods must be carried in a sealed duty-free bag (conforming to international standards) with the sales receipt clearly visible inside the bag (the bag is sealed at the point of sale).

Before your flight, therefore, please check the website of your departure airport to find out which hand luggage regulations are in force there.

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