Free registration

Registration and the sending of the text message are free of charge. You are responsible for meeting any additional charges that may arise from your service provider (e.g. for receiving the text message overseas or charges for sending the text to a mobile number registered with a foreign provider). By using our SMS check-in service you will also incur charges for sending your reply by text.


You can unsubscribe at any time

You can unsubscribe from SMS check-in in your online profile at any time. If you wish to unsubscribe from receiving information about gate changes, delays or flight cancellations by SMS, please contact the Miles & More Service Team on tel: +49 (0)69 - 209 777 777.


Use of mobile telephones on board

Due to legal requirements mobile telephones must be switched off from the moment an aircraft departs from its parking position until it finally arrives at its parking position at its destination.


Requirements for participation

The SMS services are available exclusively to Miles & More members. It is possible to register for SMS check-in online (via or Information about delays, gate changes or flight cancellations can be sent to all Miles & More members who have provided a mobile phone number. The SMS services are available in German and English and will be displayed according to the language selected at Customers in Germany or overseas, with either German or overseas mobile phone providers, can receive texts from the SMS services on gate changes, flight cancellations and delays, provided that the SMS roaming works.


Legal notice

All the information is carefully selected and compiled. Nevertheless - also partly due to SMS as a medium - information may be delayed, incomplete or not transmitted. Lufthansa German Airlines therefore assumes no responsibility for the performance of the service, for access to messages or for how up-to-date, complete or accurate the data in question is. Please make your own enquiries in each case to ascertain whether there is current information available that concerns the service you are using (e.g. flight times).

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Security regulations for hand luggage

Security regulations for hand luggage

Inform yourself about the regulations on taking liquids on board.

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