Here you can find the answers to the most frequently asked questions concerning ticket cancellations and refunds.


Who can help me if I have questions about my online refund process?

You can find our contact data under "Help and contact, online support" on the Lufthansa homepage.


Where can I find access to the refund process? What do I need to enter?

The refund link is accessible in the quicklinks on the homepage. After clicking the link you simply need to enter your name and the filekey.
If you are already logged in: If the ticket was purchased on you will see the booking on your booking list. Simply click the refund button next to it. If it was not purchased on you simply need to enter the filekey on the booking list.


Are there any additional charges for an online refund?

The refunded amount is the same amount which would be calculated if you had requested it via our Lufthansa Service Center or another LH ticket office. So there is no additional charge compared to other LH offices.


How long is my ticket refundable via

You can request your refund online until one day before departure. If a refund request is no longer possible, you can still contact our service centre by phone. In this case normal refund deadlines apply which can be verified in the conditions of your chosen fare.


I do not have a Lufthansa profile. Can I still obtain a refund online?

Yes, you can display your booking via the quicklinks on the homepage and afterwards start the refund process with the "Refund" button.


How long does it take until I get my money refunded?

75% of the online refunds will be processed within 2-3 days. Online refunds which cannot be calculated automatically will be processed within one week.


Why is a refund refused on the departure day of an active flight segment?

Refund on the departure day of an active flight segment is not offered as there are several fares which allow refunds only until one day before departure. Unfortunately we cannot check this condition.


Why does a booking not show the refund button if I display it online?

There can be several reasons:

  • Ticket has already been refunded
  • Next active flight segment is on the same day as the refund request is made (deadline)
  • Miles and More booking (not handled via

What happens if a booking has been made via another country website? Can I still apply for a refund on my own country website?

Yes, provided that the booking was paid for in euros. If the ticket was purchased in another currency, we will forward it to our local office which will take care of the refund. Please note that in this case it may take a few days longer for the refund to be processed.


How do I get my money back?

The money will be credited back to the account which you chose for the purchase.


Can I also refund rebooking fees, unaccompanied minor fees, excess baggage fees etc.?

Currently only flight tickets are refundable online.


I am booked in a reservation together with other passengers. Can I only refund my ticket or will the booking for the others be cancelled as well?

Currently only the complete booking can be cancelled, which means that you cancel for all booked passengers. If you wish to cancel only for one passenger then the booking has to be split first (please contact our Lufthansa Service Center).


My ticket was paid for in cash. Can I still obtain an online refund?

Yes, this is possible. The refund will be prepared and Lufthansa will contact you in order for you to provide us with a valid bank account to which the money can be refunded.


Can a booking purchased via the Lufthansa Service Center be cancelled via the website?



Can I still obtain my refunds via my travel agency or via the Lufthansa Service Center?

Yes, this is still possible.


Is it possible to cancel a ticket online via which has not been bought through Lufthansa, e.g. through a travel agency?

Yes, cancellation is possible. For the refund of the amount of the flight fare please contact your travel agency.

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