Airport information


Airport information


Detailed information on over 150 airports worldwide that Lufthansa flies to.

Here you will find all the important airport information.
Before you embark on your journey find out at your leisure all about the situation of the airport, how to get there, car parking facilities and accessibility features for travellers with special needs.
Read about business and conference rooms, airport hotels, shopping facilities and other airport amenities on your departure and destination airports in our comprehensive airport information.


London Heathrow: Lufthansa moves into the new terminal on 1 October

On 1 October Lufthansa will move into the ‘Queen’s Terminal’ at Heathrow Airport. In this new terminal, which opened on 4 June, Lufthansa and 22 other Star Alliance airlines are located under one roof. The terminal also houses the largest Lufthansa lounge outside Germany.

More information about the terminal and the Lufthansa lounge


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