The use of mobile devices on board


Whether you want to surf the Net, prepare for your next meeting on your laptop or attend to private matters by SMS or email via your smartphone, Lufthansa FlyNet® provides you with a comprehensive communication offer.


Rules for using mobile devices on board

Passengers who want to use their smartphone, tablet computer or other mobile electronic devices on board no longer need to turn these off on all Lufthansa flights during take-off and landing.

To be able to use small and light devices during take-off and landing, all signal transmitting functions must be switched off. In the case of mobile phones and smartphones this normally means activating ‘flight mode’ (offline setting). Devices such as CD, DVD and MP3 players, eReaders and games consoles can also be used in these phases.

For safety reasons, laptops or notebooks and devices that weigh more than 1 kg must stay switched off during take-off and landing and be stowed as carry-on baggage.

On Lufthansa flights with FlyNet® or the in-flight entertainment offer which enables passengers to use their own devices, the crew will announce which transmit function passengers may switch on when the aircraft reaches cruising altitude.

Mobile telephone calls are not supported by the FlyNet® system; Internet telephony (VoIP) such as Skype is also not allowed out of consideration for other passengers.


Work with your laptop on board

To enable you to work with your laptop on board without restrictions, we have equipped our First and Business Class seats on long-haul flights with power sockets for which you don't need an adaptor. The power sockets (max. output 70 watt) are designed for two-pin flat European plugs and two- or three-pin US plugs.


FlyNet® – Internet on board

Lufthansa FlyNet®, our Broadband Internet service on board, is available on increasing numbers of Lufthansa long-haul flights so that you can work or surf the Web.

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