By direct flight to destinations around the world

In an emergency, every minute counts. That is why Lufthansa, as the only airline to do so, offers the PTC solely on scheduled flights which make no stopovers, such as for refueling.


Time comparison PTC - Air ambulance

Compared with air ambulances, the flight with the Lufthansa PTC is up to 50 percent shorter - which makes things much easier for the intensive care patients and the medical personnel. The table below shows a typical example.

Lufthansa PTCAir ambulance
DepartureMiami (USA)Miami (USA)
Flying time8 hours, 45 min14 hours

The PTC route network

The PTC is deployed on flights to 62 destinations across the whole Lufthansa intercontinental network. So it is always at hand wherever it is needed.

The entire process of transporting the patient home is implemented within only three days: from the arrival of the doctor and our PTC escort at the departure destination to installing the PTC on board and transporting the patients to their homeland.