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Singapur - Jungle Nights

At the heart of the southeast Asian metropolis lurks a wilderness that only stirs into life at nightfall, when a host of exotic wild creatures - including tigers, lions and rhinoceroses - at last shake off their daytime lethargy. At Night Safari, the world’s first nighttime zoo, visitors can observe them up close and in action until midnight!


"Night Safari"


Night Safari opened in 1994 in the middle of a swath of tropical rainforest. Unlike conventional zoos, it allows its mostly night-active inhabitants to live according to their natural biorhythm. It also keeps them safely separated from the public by deep ditches filled with water or animal grids instead of locked up behind fences - thus creating the illusion of a genuine jungle safari for visitors.


Exotic animal kingdoms


From the mountains of Suriname to the river valleys of Nepal and the Indonesian archipelago: Night Safari offers a nighttime expedition through the exotic animal kingdoms of Asia - occasionally making a detour to Africa and the Americas along the way. The zoo is divided into eight geographical sections that visitors can explore on footpaths, but a buggy ride will also create a genuine safari experience.


Endangered species


Some 120 species live on Night Safari’s 40 hectares, almost one third of which are listed as endangered - including the white rhino, the leopard and the tapir. The zoo thus also helps in the battle to preserve endangered species.

Night Safari: 80 Mandai Lake Road, Tel.: +65-6269 3411. Opening times: daily 7:30pm-12midnight (restaurants and shops open earlier, at 6pm). Admission: S$32, children under 12 S$21


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