Lufthansa Highlights Dublin


Lufthansa travel report highlights Dublin


P.S. I love Dublin

You don’t believe in true love? That’s okay, you don’t have to. But you could pick up one of Cecelia Ahern’s romantic novels. And not because the characters always get a happy end (they don’t), but because the pages are filled with human warmth and hope. Just like the people of her home town, Dublin.

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Cecelia Ahern leans on the parapet, smiling shyly. “Hey, I’m not a model,” she says, posing for a photo on Ha’penny Bridge in the middle of Dublin. Two hundred years ago, when the cast-iron footbridge over the River Liffey was built, travelers had to pay a halfpenny toll to cross. The bridge, painted white, is one of the city’s most-photographed attractions today.

While Cecelia poses, laughing teenagers, red-haired children gripping their mothers’ hands and businesspeople with cell phones walk across the bridge. Some turn and look back, recognizing the petite Irishwoman who achieved fame a few years back for her debut novel P.S. I Love You.

A tragic love story, it stayed in the Irish bestseller charts for months and sold in 46 countries. The twenty-something with the snub nose and freckles is now one of Ireland’s best-known authors.

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Dublin: trendy district and literature

Cecelia Ahern is one of Ireland’s best-known writers. She was just 22 when she published her first novel P.S. I Love You, which became a bestseller, was made into a film and is now sold in 46 countries

Colored lights and crowds of Dubliners in search of good craic are what you’ll find every night in the capital’s trendy Temple Bar district

Romantic dramas wherever you look: The Dublin Shakespeare Company performs in St. Stephen’s Green Park. Admission? Free!


Literary working hours of a hard-working generation

Lufthansa travel report highlights Dublin

Time to sharpen her pencil: When night falls over the Millennium Spire in downtown Dublin, author Cecelia Ahern’s “working day” begins

Lufthansa travel report highlights Dublin

“My generation is very hard-working,” says Ms. Ahern. So they have earned the right to party hard, too.

Lufthansa travel report highlights Dublin

The soft light of dawn over Trinity College, one of Dublin’s most prestigious universities


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