Liability and insurance



In general, you are responsible for your carry-on baggage and personal belongings. The liability of airlines is regulated by law. We definitely recommend that you take out a baggage insurance.


Regulations according to the Montreal Convention

In international and German domestic travel, the liability for damage, destruction, loss or partial loss and for late delivery of baggage is limited to a cumulative 1,131 Special Drawing Rights (SDR) per journey and traveller. The SDR is the accounting unit of the International Monetary Fund (IMF); 1,131 SDR currently corresponds to about €1,213 (Please regard that this amount is subject to currency fluctuation and may vary.).

Notification deadlines
You should report the loss of or damage to your baggage directly at the airport. You can also report the loss or damage in writing later, within the legal notification deadlines. However, the burden of proof is then reversed, and you must prove that the irregularity occurred during your flight.

Please observe the following deadlines.

Damage and partial loss:

  • Within seven days after baggage hand-out

Total loss:

  • Within two years

Replacement purchases in the case of delayed baggage delivery:

  • Within 21 days of baggage hand-out

The postmark or automatic date of receipt in the case of a fax or e-mail notification is decisive for the observance of the deadlines.


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