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Fly from around the world to any airport in Germany and continue your journey with the train from just 29 € to almost everywhere in Germany. Book your Rail&Fly ticket when booking your flight directly on lufthansa.com!


The easiest way to continue your journey within Germany!


Heidelberg, Neuschwanstein or Weimar? Just buy your Rail&Fly train ticket when booking your international flight on lufthansa.com and travel to your preferred destination in Germany from just 29 €. You want to visit Heidelberg, Neuschwanstein, Weimar or any other place in Germany? - Rail&Fly is the easiest way to do so!


Continue to Heidelberg

You want to visit Heidelberg, one of the most beautiful cities in Germany? The harmonious ensemble of castle, Old Town and river nestled in the hills of the Odenwald already inspired poets and painters of Romanticism and today still fascinates millions of visitors from all over the world. Visit Heidelberg, the city of the oldest university of Germany!


Magnificent Neuschwanstein Castle

Visit Neuschwanstein! The setting of Neuschwanstein could not be more idyllic. Seven weeks after the death of King Ludwig II in 1886, Neuschwanstein was opened to the public and since then more than 1.3 million people visit "the castle of the fairy-tale king" every year. Today Neuschwanstein is one of the most popular of all the palaces and castles in Europe.


Experience German culture in Weimar

Weimar is a paradise for cultural lovers. The small city offers a large number of museums, historic buildings and parks. Weimar was a home for the famous writers Goethe and Schiller. It was also a centre for the Bauhaus Movement with great buildings from the 20th century. A typical Thuringia Bratwurst can be wonderfully reviving after visiting the many places of interest


Rail&Fly - the flexible way to reach your final destination at a favourable price


Lufthansa and Deutsche Bahn are offering you as a passenger an opportunity to continue onwards to your final destination by train, easy and at a favourable price to any train station in Germany. In cooperation with Deutsche Bahn (German railways) you can go by train to any destination in Germany.


Rail&Fly - to anywhere in Germany for as little as 29 €


Private or business - Rail&Fly will take you to your destination relaxed an at a very reasonable price. You can continue onwards with every train!

One Way Tariff
Return Tariff
2nd Class
33,00 €
58,00 €
1st Class
59,00 €
110,00 €

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You can now book your Rail&Fly ticket even more conveniently at the same time as you book your flight on lufthansa.com. Just select the Rail&Fly option at the end of your flight booking and you can easily purchase your great value train ticket to your preferred destination.

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