Older passengers – travelling healthily

Our health is precious, especially as we grow older. Lufthansa passengers can therefore rely on one thing: if the need arises they will receive the best possible medical care.

Travelling healthily – with capable medical care

On board there is always a fully equipped doctor’s bag and the cabin crew receive special training to deal with medical emergencies. In addition, Lufthansa’s ‘Doctor on Board’ programme brings further security: it means cabin crew will know whether a registered doctor, who can be called on to assist, is on the flight.

On the ground the Medical Operation Centre is on the spot for passengers. The Centre’s staff will answer any questions passengers have about health and travel and issue ‘Fitness to Fly’ certificates should these be required. The Centre can be contacted on tel.: +49 (0)69 696 55079 (Monday to Friday: 08.30 hours to 20.00 hours; Saturday, Sunday and bank holidays: 08.30 hours to 16.30 hours).

The Medical Operation Centre is also the contact for passengers who require an extra oxygen supply on board. They can receive extra oxygen with the Wenoll system so there is no need to bring their own oxygen supply with them. The system costs 150 euros on European flights and 300 euros on worldwide flights. This service can also be reserved through a travel agency.

If older passengers require a doctor abroad, Lufthansa is also happy to help – with our selected contract doctors who also look after Lufthansa crews and airport staff. The doctors usually speak German and English. A list of doctors is available online at: http://www.lufthansa.com/uk/en/Travelling-healthily

Lufthansa Contract Physicians (PDF Download)

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