Older passengers – at the airport

We will help you to get your bearings at the airport and to operate the check-in machines and make the journey easier for older travellers with our free assistance service.

Finding your way around easily – thanks to extensive support at the airport

At busy places such as airports you need to be able to find your way around. The Lufthansa guides at Frankfurt and Munich airports can offer welcome assistance here. They will collect passengers from an agreed meeting point, accompany them to the right gates and offer support for boarding or catching a connecting flight. There is a charge for the exclusive Lufthansa Guide Service. It can be booked through the Lufthansa Sales Office at the airport or by calling the Lufthansa Service Centre on tel.: +49 (0)69 86 799 799.

More information on the Lufthansa Guide Service

Older passengers with reduced mobility can also enjoy as stress-free a journey as possible with Lufthansa. A free support service will accompany them and provide assistance on all routes to and from the aircraft. At Frankfurt and Munich airports there are also separate special needs counters and a special care lounge available. This special service should be booked up to 48 hours before departure – through a travel agency or by calling the Lufthansa Service Centre on tel.: +49 (0)69 86 799 799.

If you are checking in at the airport and are not familiar with the check-in machines, there is no need to worry: at Frankfurt, Munich and many other airports worldwide Lufthansa always has assistants by the machines to help when required.

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