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Perfection in comfort to Europe with Lufthansa First Class

Fly in utmost travel athmosphere and 5-star services on board in Lufthansa First Class to your favorite European destinations, such as Amsterdam, Dusseldorf, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Munich, Rome, Paris, Milan, London and many more, connecting with Lufthansa airline partners in Indonesia and Lufthansa flights in Singapore.

Travelling First Class means you can always expect something extraordinary. We strive to live up to this standard with every Lufthansa flight. Our philosophy is perfection down to the finest detail. Every element of our first class is designed to make travelling as quick, uncomplicated and pleasant as possible – starting with optimized service processes on the ground to a very comfortable bed and services on board.

Book your flight now and get the ultimate flying experience.

Terbang dengan kenyamanan sempurna di Lufthansa First Class

Terbang dengan kenyamanan sempurna dan pelayanan bintang-5 bersama Lufthansa First Class menuju destinasi favorit anda di Eropa, seperti Amsterdam, Dusseldorf, Frankfrurt, Hamburg, Munich, Roma, Paris, Milan, London dan banyak lagi, menggunakan rekan penerbangan Lufthansa dari Indonesia untuk kemudian melanjutkan dengan penerbangan Lufthansa di Singapura.

Akan selalu ada keistimewaan yang tidak biasa jika anda terbang bersama Lufthansa First Class. Hal ini kami ciptakan di setiap penerbangan Lufthansa. Filosofi kami adalah menciptakan kesempurnaan selama penerbangan hingga ke setiap detailnya. Seluruh elemen dalam First Class Lufthansa diciptakan untuk suasana perjalanan terbang anda yang cepat, mudah dan nyaman - mulai dari proses pelayanan di-ground yang optimal, hingga kenyamanan sempurna di dalam kabin.

Pesan tiket Lufthansa First Class anda dan rasakan kenyaman terbang yang tiada duanya.

First Class Offers

  • Frankfurt

    from  IDR 124,289,000*
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  • More flight offers City guide Milan
  • More flight offers City guide Rome
  • More flight offers City guide Amsterdam
  • More flight offers City guide Hamburg
  • More flight offers City guide Dusseldorf
  • More flight offers City guide Munich
  • More flight offers City guide Paris
  • More flight offers City guide London
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