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Menu Star Chef Wahabi Nouri


Successfully blending two culinary worlds - Wahabi Nouri

German haute cuisine spiced with a distinct pinch of Morocco - this best sums up the exceptional dishes created by Wahabi Nouri, our Star Chef for the months of May and June.


Born in Casablanca in 1970, Wahabi Nouri came to Germany at the age of three and grew up in Frankfurt. After completing his training he was apprenticed, like many of his chef colleagues, to well-known top chefs such as Harald Wohlfahrt and Eckhard Witzigmann.

These years of learning and travel made him what he is today: an exceptional chef with one Michelin star. His restaurant ‘Piment’, opened in 2000 in the Eppendorf district of Hamburg, seats only 29 guests - a manageable number and just right for this creative chef who loves the spices of his Moroccan homeland such as ginger, saffron and cumin. He also adores traditional German food; only with Nouri it is prepared a little differently than usual - with lots of flavours and exuberant creativity.


Wahabi Nouri desertIn May and June our First and Business Class passengers on long-haul flights from Germany will be able to enjoy this successful combination of the best from the West and the East.

The desserts created by our current Star Chef are another highlight. We serve these to our Business Class passengers in a white dessert box.


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