Delayed or damaged baggage


Missing or damaged baggage


Our customers check in around 50 million items of baggage every year and each item is given a baggage tag. These enable bags to be assigned to the relevant flights in the airports’ baggage handling facilities and loaded into the aircrafts’ cargo holds.

Certain events, such as adverse weather conditions, technical problems in the baggage handling areas or baggage tags being torn off, may potentially result in bags being damaged or not arriving at the destination airport at the same time as their owners.

We very much regret this and take all the necessary measures to reunite passengers with their baggage as quickly as possible or to compensate them if an item of baggage is damaged.


Delayed baggageDelayed baggage

If your checked baggage cannot be located, the information here may be of help to you.

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Damaged baggageDamaged baggage

If your baggage has been damaged you will find all the necessary information and assistance here.

Has your baggage been damaged?


Personal itemsPersonal items

If you are missing any personal items, you will find assistance here.

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