Travelling healthily



Whether you suffer from jet lag, earache or travel sickness - here you will find helpful tips on how you can enjoy your flight without worry.

Important information
Change of climateHow to adjust to temperature changes
Passengers with health problemsPlease make these arrangements
Jetlag Fool your 'inner clock'
MedicationsTips on transporting and taking medicines
Medical care formCheck your fitness to fly
EaracheAdvice on air pressure differences
Travel sicknessHandling a sense of nausea
Travel thrombosisWhat you should know and can do
PregnancyAnswers to important questions
Frequent flyers with a disability FREMEC gets you on your way quickly

Seminars for relaxed flying

The agency Texter-Millott GmbH has been running seminars for relaxed flying in partnership with Lufthansa very successfully.

Seminars for relaxed flying


Lufthansa Patient Transportation Compartment (PTC)


The world's unique intensive care unit on intercontinental flights.

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Lufthansa panel doctors

Lufthansa has selected contracted doctors at all its destinations throughout the world whose duties include taking care of Lufthansa personnel locally as well as any crew members who become ill. Generally these doctors speak German and English. In case you fall ill at your destination and require a doctor, we are providing you with a list of contact details for the Lufthansa panel doctors here.

Please note that Lufthansa accepts no responsibility for the treatment nor will it bear the cost of any treatment.


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