My logbook

It’s back! Your very own Lufthansa logbook in which you can collect and keep details about all your Lufthansa flights.

Welcome on board!

Flying is always a fantastic experience! And with your new logbook you can note down and keep all the important details about your flight, just like a proper pilot in the cockpit would. You’ll find a lot of information about the flight on the screens in the aircraft and on your boarding pass - and, of course, you’re welcome to ask the crew for more information. Please ask a crew member to sign every flight you enter in your logbook. When you have completely filled your logbook, you’ll then receive a proper pilot’s certificate for it.

The logbook also gives you additional information about the JetFriends Club, a world map on which you can record your flight routes, an explanation of time zones, interesting information about how an aircraft works and a glossary containing all the important terms related to aircraft and flying. Your logbook also contains a super sheet of stickers with all the aircraft in the Lufthansa fleet, so that you can stick a picture of every type of aircraft you fly on in your logbook.

How do I get my logbook?

Simply ask a member of the crew on board your next flight - they’ll be delighted to give you your own logbook.

What should I do when my logbook is full?

Wow, you’ve filled in all your flights and had them signed off by a crew member – congratulations!

Simply take your logbook to the nearest Lufthansa WorldShop branch at Frankfurt, Munich, Dusseldorf, Hamburg or Berlin-Tegel airport where you can swap it for your personal pilot’s certificate. The certificate is signed by Lufthansa’s chief pilot, Flight Captain Werner Knorr. You can find out exactly where these WorldShop branches are on the WorldShop website.

Ask your parents...

…perhaps they still have a Lufthansa logbook from years ago. The logbook is a genuine classic at Lufthansa and in the past many children diligently collected details of their flights.