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Travel Guard is the name under which AIG Europe Limited offers travel insurance with a comprehensive cover and a wide range of assistance to the individual travellers as well as to travel agents. Our range of offers also embraces a variety of emergency services which are made available through a network of help centres across all the habitable continents. Travel insurance by AIG offers cover both for private and business travel alike. Thanks to Travel Guard’s global reach, quality of service and tried and tested operational ability, travellers are cared for to the highest standards.

When you book flights through, you can choose two different and comprehensive packages according to your needs and preferences.

There are many things which can prevent you from setting off on your planned holiday, serious illness or house-fire being just two examples. If this happens then booked flights would have to be cancelled. If incidents of this type occur during the holiday itself, then immediate return home is required.

In both cases the following are suitable. By choosing our Travel Inconvenience-Standard package you can cover yourself against flight cancellation charges or the various travel costs arising from an unplanned return. Even if difficulties arise from flight or baggage delays, this insurance package offers appropriate cover.

With our Multi Risk-Standard package you benefit from a wider range of services than with Travel Inconvenience-Standard and can feel even more relaxed as your holiday approaches.

On your way to the airport you can feel safe in the knowledge that your baggage is covered against damage or theft en route. Any financial impact can be taken care of by Baggage Insurance

A corner-stone of our insurance package is cover in the event of medical treatment being needed when you are abroad, together with the costs arising from this and emergency support services away from the home country.


Travel Inconvenience-Standard:

  • Cancellation costs
  • Travel curtailment costs
  • Break of journey
  • Missed departure
  • Delayed flight
  • Delayed baggage

Multi Risk-Standard (inclusive of Travel Inconvenience-Standard as above):

  • Personal baggage
  • Medical expenses abroad
  • Personal accident
  • Hijack and kidnapping
  • Mugging
  • Emergency assistance
  • Travel assistance

*) Alternative products are available to customers making bookings involving Ireland, Singapore, Great Britain and the USA.

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