Little birds made of noodles fly on the plate and a cheese sandwich smiles broadly with its red tomato mouth. They look fun and they are fresh, colourful, healthy and delicious – with the new children’s menus on board Lufthansa flights, children won’t just eat with their eyes, they’ll tuck in with relish!

Lufthansa puts great store on providing a variety of delicious meals above the clouds – and, of course, that applies particularly to our youngest passengers. As a rule our special children’s menus are served on longer flights of 185 minutes or more in Economy Class and from 75 minutes’ duration in Business Class.


Disney on board: Little planes. Big dreams. Fun journeys!

From now on little planes will accompany little passengers! The stars of ‘Planes’ are now on board all Lufthansa flights, ensuring that our youngest passengers are superbly entertained.

The heroes of this funny, action-packed Disney movie are Dusty the little single-propeller, crop-duster plane, cute Heidi from Germany, jolly fighter jets Echo & Bravo from the USA and many more.

And Dusty and his pals will be greeting our young passengers from the tray covers for our delicious new children’s menus, and from colouring books, card games, Panini sticker albums and much more.



The new children’s menus

Crisp vegetables, colourful Smarties and little Gummi planes ensure mealtimes are fun on board Lufthansa flights. The new children’s menus are now available on board and will impress you with their use of healthy ingredients suitable for children. So children on board will receive a balanced meal which is sweetened with delicious little treats.


Booking special children’s menus

Children’s meals can be booked directly when you book your flight and at no extra cost on all Lufthansa long-haul flights and various European flights.

You are also welcome to order these delicious children’s menus online at any time after booking, up to 24 hours before departure. Alternatively, you can ring the Lufthansa Service Centre where our staff will be happy to help you; telephone no: +49 (0)69 - 86 799 799.


Special meals and baby food

If you would like to order special food for your child for dietary, religious or nutritional reasons, our complete range of 17 different special meals is available to you.

Meals for babies and infants – such as baby food, mini sausages and soups – are also available on board Lufthansa flights (while stocks last) and do not need to be ordered as an extra when booking your flight.

Special meals on board

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