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Take advantage of our low fares on flights to London and come and see one of the world's most famous destinations. London is a world-class city that offers a unique historical experience through a variety of impressive attractions and cultural sites. Visit the "Tower of London", the "Royal Botanical Gardens", the "Palace of Westminster", the "London Eye" and "Buckingham Palace" before enjoying a wide range of cuisines inspired by the city's multi-cultural influences and metropolitan appeal. London is the ultimate destination for the traveller who wants it all. Book your flight with Lufthansa today and let our low fares fly you to the beauty of London.

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Further flights with Lufthansa worldwide After visiting London, why not continue to take advantage of Lufthansa's low fares and explore a variety of places across the globe. From an exotic adventure to a quick shopping weekend, Lufthansa offers you the world's most exciting and beautiful places at an affordable price. Lufthansa connects you to the world of the past, present and future; all you have to do is relax and enjoy.
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