Frequent flyers with a disability

The Frequent Traveller's Medical Card (FREMEC) was developed especially to make flying easier for frequent flyers with long-term medical conditions. More information about this as well as the special facilities in our lounges is available here.

Easier booking with FREMEC

If you fly often, FREMEC makes your journeys easier, for the Frequent Traveller's Medical Card (FREMEC) was developed for frequent flyers with disabilities. The card contains all the important information relating to your care and replaces the Medical care form that otherwise is necessary for every flight. The card’s validity will be set by one of our doctors based on your medical history.

Your individual service package is also determined by the FREMEC data. You must provide this information every time you request a booking. Please also note that you must contact Lufthansa’s MEDICAL OPERATION CENTRE on +49 (0)69 - 696-55077 (daily, 06.00 – 22.30 hours) with every booking request.

The card is valid on all airlines that are members of the International Air Transport Association (IATA). FREMEC is issued by Lufthansa’s MEDICAL OPERATION CENTRE.

List with contact details of Lufthansa panel doctors


At Frankfurt and Munich airports, Lufthansa provides special lounges for passengers requiring assistance. Support is provided by a specially-trained team of Lufthansa employees.

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